Services and Specialties

LINC will work with you to identify unique opportunities for the development of new products.  All product development will be done through a negotiated agreement with the Nonwovens Institute at NC State University.  If any new IP is developed, the client will have an option to negotiate with the Office of Technology Transfer (OTT) at NC State to obtain a license to the technology.  LINC will then be able to offer manufacturing incubation services to your company for a limited period until the product is tested and volumes increase.  LINC will be able to help identify manufacturing partners for your company and will assist in the transfer of the technology to the manufacturing party.

LINC also has access to pre-existing IP at the Nonwovens Institute and can help explore if these can be utilized to meet your needs.

LINC will not engage in reverse engineering or creating products that compete with existing nonwoven-based products.  Our activities are limited to manufacturing incubation for new products.