Our Company

LINC is a non-profit organization wholly-owned by, and operated in furtherance of the purposes of, the NC State University Partnership Corporation.

LINC is a manufacturing incubator focused on commercializing niche high-value technical nonwoven products developed at the Nonwovens Institute at NC State.

Our manufacturing assets are located at the Nonwovens Institute’s pilot facilities.  LINC will use its assets to manufacture the goods needed for its clients.

The facilities include laboratories dedicated to polymer characterization, fiber extrusion and lab scale meltblown.

The pilot facilities include bicomponent spunbond and meltblown; staple line; needle punching; hydroentangling; thermal bonding and web composite capability.  Analytical facilities offer the ability to analyze and evaluate materials performance according to many industry specific standard test methods. Details of the facilities are found at: