Our Mission

The mission of LINC is to foster economic development & creation of new knowledge by facilitating commercialization of technologies developed at the Nonwovens Institute (http://www.thenonwovensinstitute.com) at NC State University (http://www.ncsu.edu).

Our Experience Shows!

The challenge with commercializing any new technology is that often, new manufacturing assets are required and capital expenditures are difficult to justify in the absence of significant proven market potential. 

For new products made from nonwovens, often, short runs are not possible on large nonwovens manufacturing assets.  A manufacturing incubator will allow new products to be introduced into the marketplace before significant investment is required from an industrial partner.

This becomes even more critical for new products that require specialized equipment or components. In almost all cases, no manufacturing entity can initially produce the product and, therefore, there exists a natural barrier to commercialization.  LINC can help facilitate the initial phase of introduction and testing of the products by limited manufacturing of the products for the companies interested in licensing the technologies developed at the Nonwovens Institute.